Just as they said it would be. Point Security was very upfront about everything, and to my surprise, there were no surprises!

Austin, TX – Customer

I just wanted to say thanks to Deb for the broadcast on Point Security Home Alarms. I was unhappy with my alarm system, so I called Point Security and they were FANTASTIC.
I mentioned Deb’s name and got free installation.

Del Valle, TX – Customer

I love having a solid, highly rated local security company here. It gets so old always being on hold with the “Big companies”. They took my call immediately and said a technician was available to install my system in the same week. Thanks Point!

Houston, TX – Customer

I was very impressed with Point Security. They came into my home last week and took over my existing system that I had with adt. First off, the salespeople were very professional and courteous. They addressed all of my questions and concerns, and gave me a very low monitoring rate. Thanks!

Austin, TX – Customer

I want to express my utmost appreciation of the service that Point has provided to us! They not only installed the security system in a timely manner, but he also took the time to explain what to expect and how it works. I truly believe that I made the right decision. You have lived up to the BBB A+ rating…Thanks Point Security!

Austin, TX – Customer

The install was very quick and clean. The technician spent quite a while explaining everything to me, as I know I had a ton of questions. I have had no problems and tell all my friends and family about Point!

Dallas, TX – Customer

We heard about Point Security from the home show, and man are we glad we went to that show. They were so informative, and by far the best pricing we have found on a Home automation system anywhere. I love technology and I love that Point has kept up and made it affordable!

San Antonio, TX – Customer