Point Security offers state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

In today’s world, it’s absolutely vital to take positive steps to ensure the safety of your family and property.

Point Security offers state-of-the-art equipment and technology to deliver the fastest alarm response and service-call support available. While planning your wireless home security system there are a few key points you should keep in mind. By placing the proper sensors in the proper locations, you increase your home security, while keeping the overall cost down.

Wireless security systems use a RF (Radio Frequency) to communicate between the sensors, and the main controller. The higher quality systems that we use, use a digital encryption code, to ensure no one can duplicate the signal. Most systems feature a 300′ to 600′ range between the sensor, and main control unit.

2-way Voice

Two-Way Voice is an audio device added to an alarm or emergency response system, incorporating a speaker and microphone. This allows the Central Station to hear what’s going on at the premises when the alarm goes off, and directly converse with the client or intruder. This feature has saved thousands of lives.

How does 2-way Voice work?

Once the alarm has been triggered, a microphone is activated, allowing the Central Station to listen in to the protected premises. The dispatcher, through a speaker also located on site, converses directly with the premises.

Every residential security system should have two-way voice. This allows for more accurate verification of false alarms, better determination of break-ins, and is invaluable in the event of medical emergencies. Two-way voice can also be used in numerous small commercial or retail businesses.

What is Cellular technology?

Cellular technology makes your security system independent of your phone line. That means your security system will work whether you have Voice-over-IP, a traditional landline, or no phone line at all. Cellular security systems send all alarms and other signals through a dedicated wireless connection. You don’t even need a wireless network in your home. As soon as your system is powered up, it starts communicating with all of the local wireless towers in your area, similar to how your cell phone works.

Since signals are sent wirelessly, your system is more secure than other systems that use the phone line to report alarms. Even if an intruder cuts your phone line and power, your Alarm.com system will still be able to report alarms. Most people who have traditional security don’t realize how vulnerable the system is to line cuts.

How Cellular technology works